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Being chased...

...I like that.

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naemi & hon-n'-vin
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This is a community for those seeking anything to do with Joshua Hartnett/Elijah Wood slash, RPS, FPS and whatever else comes to mind.

**This community if for ADULTS ONLY (18+) considering the NC-17 content that *will* reside* in here. Keep this in mind, 'k? We don't need some fed on our case. 'K??**

**All stories containing ANYthing having to do with Josh/Lij or any of the characters they've portrayed are NOT OWNED by the writer's fantasizing their way through this community; please put a disclaimer upon your work stating this, and that it's just for your own personal evil gutter-brain. ;)**

**If you don't like slash fanfic, there's a place for you in the world, and this is not it. I suggest that you go there instead of hangin' about here for flaming/meanie purposes. It just don't work for nobody, and it's not really that fun to boot. **

All in all? ...ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY!! Have fun, let your imaginations run WILD in ANY direction, love it up, DO it up, let us read. ;)

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